"Would have been better if our borders were sealed. Over 100,000 crimes per year by illegals and over 3,000 murders!"
Things My Republican Uncle Says [x
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this might be tmi but…

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seriously though take this personality quiz and tell me what you get. it’s important. 

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date someone who makes you feel like Everytime We Touch by Cascada on the inside 

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getting real here  

http://www.potteringcat.co.jp/trump-card-basket.html potteringcat.co.jp
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  • Baby: n-n-n
  • Parent: oh it's his first words!
  • Baby: n-n
  • Baby: not all men
  • Parent: put it back
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if you hold an empty gatorade bottle up to your ear you can hear the sports

http://tribigirl.tumblr.com/post/95945298017/it-makes-me-pretty-sick-that-white-people-seem-to tribigirl


It makes me pretty sick that white people seem to be physically incapable of listening to (and believing, and empathizing with) PoC about their lived experiences and can only take things like this from other white people.



r ppl actually writing articles about the “skinny bitches” lyric in nicki’s song????

are y’all serious

as a thin woman ima just say

plz stop pretending that fat-hate isn’t linked with anti-Blackness and that any feelings of “skinny shame” are in any way comparable to navigating the world as a fat Black woman or a fat woman of any other race. and are we non-Black women really fronting like we don’t benefit from a beauty hierarchy that positions Black women (especially dark-skinned, fat Black women) as the least desirable? come on y’all.

I don’t subscribe to the “real women have curves” bullshit but in a culture that simultaneously fetishizes and hates Black women’s bodies and uses fat-hate to (often) mask it’s hatred for those same bodies and the communities they come from, for Nicki to say “fuck skinny bitches, I have a big fat ass” is pretty rad so please, fellow thin and non-Black women, take a deep breath and remind yourself how much society caters to our body size.

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